Germānia, patria Germānōrum, est clāra terra. In Germāniā sunt fluviī multī. Rhēnus magnus et lātus fluvius Germāniae est. In silvīs lātīs Germāniae sunt ferae multae. Multi Germānii in oppidīs magnis et in vīcīs parvīs habitant et multī sunt agricolae bonī. Bella Germānōrum sunt magna et clāra. Populus Germāniae bellum et proelia amat et saepe cum finitimīs pugnat. Fluvius Rhēnus est fīnitimus oppidīs multīs et clārīs. (Beginner’s Guide to Latin)

Germany, the land of the Germans, is a famous land. In Germany there are many rivers. The Rhine is a large and wide river of Germany. In the wide forests of Germany there are many wild animals. Many Germans live in the large towns and the small villages and many are good farmers.  The wars of the Germans are important and famous. The German people love war and battles and often fight with neighbors. The Rhine river is bordering upon many famous towns.


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