Perseus and Andromeda (pt. 2)

Tum ōrāculum ita respondet: “Mala est fortūna tua. Neptūnus, magnus aquārum deus, terrae Aethiopiae inimīcus, eās poenās mittit. Sed parā īrātō deō sacrum idōneum et mōnstrum saevum ex patriā tuā agētur. Andromeda fīlia tua est mōnstrō grāta. Dā eam mōnstrō. Servā cāram patriam et vītam populī tuī.” Andromeda autem erat puella pulchra. Eam amābat Cēpheus maximē. (Beginner’s Guide to Latin)

Then the oracle responded: “Bad is your fortune. Neptune, the great god of the waters, an enemy to the Ethiopian land, sends these punishments. But prepare a suitable sacrifice for the angry god and the savage monster will be driven from your country. Your daughter Andromeda is pleasing to the monster. Give her to the monster. Save the precious country and the life of your people.” Andromeda, moreover, was a beautiful girl. Cepheus loved her most of all.


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