The Faithless Tarpeia (concluded)

Tarpēia, commōta ōrnamentīs Sabīnōrum pulchrīs, diū resistere nōn potuit et respondit: “Date mihi ōrnāmenta quae in sinistrīs bracchīs geritis, et celeriter cōpiās vestrās in Capitōlium dūcam.” Nec Sabīnī recūsāvērunt, sed per dūrās magnāsque castellī portās properāvērunt quō Tarpēia dūxit et mox intrā validōs et altōs mūrōs stābant. Tum sine morā in Tarpēiam scūta graviter iēcērunt; nam scūta quoque in sinistrīs bracchiīs gerēbant. Ita perfida puella Tarpēia interfecta est; ita Sabīnī Capitōlium occupāvērunt. (Beginner’s Guide to Latin)

Tarpeia, excited by the Sabines’ beautiful jewelry, was unable to resist for long and responded: “Give me the jewelry which you carry on your left arms, and I will swiftly lead your troops into the Capitol.” The Sabines did not refuse, but they hastened to the castle through the great, strong doors through which Tarpeia led and soon were standing inside the tall, mighty walls. Then without delay they violently hurled their shields at Tarpeia; for they also were carrying their shields on their left arms. In such a way the faithless Tarpeia was killed; and this is how the Sabines invaded the Capitol.


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