A Fateful Accident

After a short time Pelias, afraid lest he should lose his kingdom overtaken by so much crime and violence, sent a certain friend to Delphi, so that he could consult the oracle. This man brought himself to Delphi as quickly as possible and gave an account of why he came. The oracle answered that there was no danger in the present; yet warned Pelias that if someone wearing one shoe should arrive, then beware him. After a few years it happened that Pelias was about to make a great sacrifice; he had sent messengers into all parts and declared a certain day for gathering. On the decided day a great number of men assembled from all around the country; among these men also came Jason, who from boyhood had lived among a certain centaur. Yet while making the journey, he dropped one of his shoes in crossing a river which I do not know.


  1. quam ob causam — for what reason, why
  2. undique ex agris — from all around the country

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