The Wicked Uncle

Once there were two brothers in Thessaly, of whom one was called Aeson, the other Pelias. Aeson had been first to obtain the kingship; but after a few years, Pelias, led into desire for the kingship, not only banished his brother, but also had it in mind to kill Jason, the son of Aeson. Yet some of Aeson’s friends, when they learned the thoughts of Pelias, decided to rescue the boy from so great a danger. Therefore, they carried Jason away from the city during the night, and after they had returned to the king on the following day, they reported back to him the boy to be dead. After Pelias heard this, although in truth he felt great pleasure, he nevertheless put forward an appearance of grief, and asked what was the cause of death. When these men rightly understood his grief to be false, they fabricated a story, which I do not know, about the boy’s death.


  1. eripio, eripere, eripui, ereptus — to rescue
  2. regnum obtinuerat — had obtained the kingship

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