The Building of the Good Ship Argo

Yet since Colchis was a journey of many days away from that place, Jason did not want to set out alone. Therefore he sent out messengers into all parts, who explained the reason of his journey and declared a certain day of meeting. Meanwhile, after he ordered all the things which are useful for equipping ships to be brought together, he gave the job to a certain Argus, who had the greatest knowledge of nautical affairs, to build the ship. In this task around ten days were taken up; for Argus, who was in charge of the work, displayed such great diligence that not even during the night was time lost to work. To transport a multitude of men, the ship was a little wider than those we are accustomed to use on our sea, and in order to withstand the force of storms, everything was made out of oak.


  1. proficisci – to set out, depart, leave
  2. comportari – to be brought together
  3. ad armandas navis – for equipping ships (“armandas” = gerundive)
  4. robur, roboris – oak

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