The Golden Fleece

Since Jason could in no way recover his missing shoe, he arrived in the kingdom with one foot bare. When Pelias saw this, suddenly he was moved by fear; for he understood this to be the man whom the oracle had mentioned. Therefore he adopted this plan. There was a certain king Aeetes, who was ruling the kingdom of Colchis at that time. To him was entrusted that golden fleece which Phrixus had once relinquished there. Pelias therefore resolved to give the job to Jason to get possession of this fleece; for since the task was of great danger, he hoped Jason would perish on the journey. He summoned Jason therefore, and encouraged him and informed him what he wanted done. He, though he knew the task was very difficult, undertook the business willingly.


  1. res, rei – task
  2. pervenit – come to, reach, arrive
  3. periturum esse – future active infinitive, often used in indirect speech

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