A Fatal Mistake

Not long after the Argonauts (for so were they called who were transported in that ship) reached a certain island, called Cyzicum; and having gone out from the ship were received by the king of that region with hospitality. Having lingered a few hours there they set sail again towards sunset; but after they travelled a few miles, such a storm suddenly arose that they could not keep their course, and into that same part of the island from where they had recently set out with great danger, they were cast back. The inhabitants, however, since the night was dark, did not recognize the Argonauts, and thinking that a hostile ship had come, seized their arms and prevented them from disembarking. A fierce battle was fought on the shore, and the king himself, who had run down with the others, was killed by the Argonauts. Soon, however, since it was already becoming light, the inhabitants saw that they were wrong, and threw down their arms; and the Argonauts, when they saw the king was dead, felt great pain.


  1. pugnatum est — the battle was fought, they fought
  2. haud — not (negative particle)

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