Difficult Dining

After this the Argonauts held their course toward Thrace, and after they put their ship ashore at the town of Salmydessus, they disembarked onto land. There, after they had asked the inhabitants who was the ruler of this region, they were informed a certain Phineus was then king. They found out also he was blind and afflicted with a certain harsh torment, because at one time he had been very cruel towards his sons. His torment was of this kind. Certain monsters of horrible appearance were sent by Jupiter, who had the heads of girls, and the bodies of birds. These birds, which were called Harpies, brought Phineus the utmost bother; for as soon as he reclined to eat, they immediately came and carried away the food he had set. And the result of this was that Phineus was not far from dying of hunger.


  1. adficio, adficere — afflict
  2. accubuerat — reclined to eat (the Romans actually did this)
  3. supplicium, -i — punishment, torture
  4. certiores facti sunt —they were made more certain; they were informed
  5. volucer, volucris, volucre (adj) — bird, winged creature
  6. Quo factum est — and so it was, and so it came to pass
  7. haud … quin (+ subjunctive) — not… but that

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