The Anchor is Weighed

Meanwhile, that day approached which Jason had proclaimed through his messengers, and out of all the regions of Greece many men, whom the novelty of the event or the hope of glory was inspiring, came together from all sides. Moreover, it was reported that in this number was Hercules, about whom we have recounted many things above, Orpheus, a very famous cithara player, Theseus, Castor, and many others whose names are very famous. From these men whom Jason thought to be most prepared for undergoing all dangers, he chose around fifty and joined them to himself as allies; then, a few days later, when he was ready with reserves for all eventualities, he launched the ship, and having found a weather suitable for sailing, set sail with the great applause of all.


  1. novitas, novitatis — novelty
  2. traditum est —it was reported

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