The Magic Ointment

Medea, the daughter of the king, fell in love with Jason, and when she heard that he was about to undertake such a danger, she took it badly. For she knew her father proposed this task with the very intention, that Jason should die. As this was so, Medea, who had a great knowledge of medicine, adopted this plan. In the middle of the night, without her father knowing, she escaped from the city, and after she came into the neighboring mountains, she picked certain herbs; then having squeezed the juice she made an ointment which with its strength might nourish the body and strengthen the sinews. After this was done, she gave the ointment to Jason; and she ordered that on the day when these tasks needed to be completed he should smear his body and his weapons. Jason, although he excelled almost all men in size and bodily strength (for all his life was spent in hunting and the pursuit of military affairs), still he thought this advice should not be ignored.

Latin text


  1. insciente patre — without her father knowing
  2. unguentum — ointment
  3. praecepit — ordered
  4. carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptum — pluck, pick; seize

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