A Strange Crop

Still, Jason had not yet completed the whole task; for Aeetes had commanded him to kill the armed men who emerged from dragon’s teeth alone. Therefore, after all the teeth were sown in the field, Jason, worn out with tiredness, gave himself over to rest, while those men were emerging. He slept a few hours, towards evening, yet suddenly, roused from sleep, he learned that it had happened just as had been foretold; for in all parts of the field, men with huge bodies, armed with swords and helmets, rose from the land in a marvelous way. After realizing this, Jason judged that the plan which Medea had given should not be so ignored. Therefore he hurled a huge stone (for so Medea had ordered) in the middle of the men. Those men, from everywhere, ran together to the same place, and after someone, I do not know why, wanted to have the stone to himself, a huge controversy emerged. Soon, having unsheathed their swords, they began to fight among each other, and after many were killed in this way, the remaining soldiers having been wounded were killed by Jason without trouble.

Latin text


  1. nondum — not yet
  2. quieti se tradidit — gave himself over to sleep
  3. sub vesperum — towards evening

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