The Flight of Medea

King Aeetes, when he learned that Jason had completed his proposed task, was very angry; for he knew it to have been done through a trick; nor did he doubt that Medea had given him help. Since Medea knew she would be in great danger if she remained in the kingdom, she decided to seek safety in flight. Therefore, all things having been prepared for flight, in the middle of the night, without her father knowing, she escaped with her brother Absyrto, and as quickly as possible, to the place where the Argo was moored, she made her way. When she arrived at that place, she threw herself at the feet of Jason, and with many tears beseeched him that he not desert the woman, in such great danger, who had helped him so much. Since he remembered escaping from great danger through her help, he gladly received her, and after he learned the reason for her coming, urged that she should not fear her father’s anger. He promised that, as soon as possible, he would carry her away in his ship.

Latin text


  1. ira graviter commotus est — he was very angry
  2. nec dubitat quin (+ subjunctive) — expression of doubt, “nor did he doubt but that….”
  3. insciente patre (ablative absolute) — without her father knowing
  4. ubi Argo subducta erat — where the Argo had been moored
  5. se proiecit — threw herself
  6. causam veniendi — cause of her coming, reason of her coming
  7. avecturum — he would take her away (abbreviated form of the infinitive, avecturum esse)
  8. hortatus est (deponent verb) — he urged

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