The Sowing of the Dragon’s Teeth

When that day came which the king proclaimed for the purpose of plowing the field, Jason, at dawn, went with his allies to the decided upon place. There he discovered a huge stable, in which the bulls were enclosed; then, when the gates were opened, he dragged the bulls into the light, and with great difficulty, put on a yoke. But after Aeetes saw that the bulls were not affecting Jason, he was greatly amazed; for he did not know that his daughter had helped him. Then Jason, with everyone looking on, began to plow the field, in which affair he displayed such diligence that he completed the entire task before noon. After this was accomplished, he went to the place where the king resided and asked for the dragon’s teeth; which, when received, he sowed in the field which he had plowed with great diligence. Now the nature of these teeth was such that, in the place where they were sown, in such a marvelous way, armed men were born.

Latin text


  1. ablative absolute — abl. of participle + abl. of noun/pronoun
  2. omnibus apiscentibus (abl. absolute) — with everyone looking on
  3. orta luce — at dawn
  4. nihil valere — in no way affecting

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