The Return to the Argo

Now while these things were going on, the Argonauts, who had been left by the sea, anxiously awaited Jason’s return; for they understood it to be a job of great danger. After they waited in vain until sunset, they began to despair about his safety, and they did not doubt that some accident had happened. Things being so, they decided they should hasten, to bring help to their leader; but while they were preparing to set out, they saw a certain light shining in a wonderful way within the woods, and greatly astonished at what was the cause of this, they ran together to the place. And when they had reached it, they met Jason and Medea arriving, and they learned the cause of this light to be the golden fleece. Everyone’s fear having subsided, they received their leader with great pleasure, and gave great thanks to the gods that things had turned out so happily.

Latin text


  1. Quae cum ita essent — things being so, as this was the case
  2. ad occasum solis — at/towards sunset
  3. timore sublato (ablative absolute) — with their fear having been removed
  4. evenisset — it had turned out

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