A Fearful Expedient

There was on the ship of the Argonauts a certain son of king Aeetes, by the name of Absyrtus, who, as we demonstrated above, fleeing with her, led Medea out of the city. Medea decided to kill this boy according to this plan, that his limbs, when cast into the sea, would impede the course of the Colchians; for she knew with certainty that Aeetes, after he would see the limbs of his son, would not pursue any further. And the belief did not deceive Medea, for everything turned out just as she had hoped. When Aeetes first saw the limbs, he ordered that the ship hold course in order to collect them. Yet while these things were going on, the Argonauts, without interrupting the work of rowing, were soon carried out of sight of the enemies, and they did not stop fleeing until they reached the river Eridanus. Aeetes, having judged that it would not be useful to him to pursue further, returned home with a downcast spirit, so that he could give the body of his son to burial.

Latin text


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