Magic Arts

Having learned these things, Medea took it badly, and led by a desire for the kingdom, decided to cause the death of the king by means of a trick. After deciding this, she went to the king’s daughters and said this: “You see that your father is now worn out with age, and is not strong enough to rule the kingdom. Do you not want him to be made young again?” Then the daughters of the king responded with this: “Surely this cannot be done? For who is ever made young from old age?” But Medea responded: “You know me to have a great knowledge of medicine. Now therefore I will demonstrate to you in what way this thing can be done.” After she finished speaking, she killed a ram of old age, and placed its limbs inside a brass pot, and afterwards, with fire heating the pot, poured certain herbs into the water. Then, while the water was bubbling, she sang a magic song. Soon the ram jumped out of the pot and ran through the fields with its strength restored.

Latin text


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