The Bargain with Pelias

Finally, after many dangers, Jason reached that same place from where he had set out. Then, after disembarking from the ship, he immediately made his way to king Pelias, who ruled the kingdom during that time, and after having showed the golden fleece, asked that the kingdom be handed over to him, for Pelias had promised, if Jason retrieved the fleece, then the kingdom would be handed over to him. After Jason indicated what he wanted to be done, Pelias at first did not respond, but for a long time in the same sadness, remained silent; finally he said this: “You see me now worn out with age, and there is no doubt that my last day is approaching. Therefore allow me, while I live, to be king; since when I will have finally passed away, you will succeed me.” Persuaded by this speech, Jason said that he would do as he had asked.

Latin text


  1. eundem — accusative singular of “idem”, same
  2. in eundem locum — to that same place

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