A Dangerous Experiment

While the king’s daughters, astounded, were thinking about this miracle, Medea said this: “See how strong my medicine is. Therefore, if you want your father to return to youth, you yourselves should do what I did. Cast your father’s limbs into a pot; I will add the magic herbs.” When this was heard, the king’s daughters thought that the advice which Medea had given should not be disregarded. Therefore they killed their father, Pelias, and cast his limbs into a brass pot; and they did not doubt that it would be most useful to him. But the affair turned out completely other than they had hoped, for Medea did not gave them the same herbs which she herself had used. And so, after they waited a long time in vain, they realized their father was really dead. When these things had been done, Medea hoped that she would take over the kingdom with her spouse; but since the citizens knew in what what way Pelias had perished, they were indignant at such a crime. And so, after Jason and Medea had been driven from the kingdom, they made Acastus king.

Latin text


  1. omnino — entirely, altogether
  2. aliter ac — otherwise than

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