A Fatal Gift

After Jason and Medea were expelled from Thessaly, they came to the city of Corinth, of which city a certain Creon then possessed the kingship. Creon had one daughter, called Glauce. After he saw her, he decided to send a messenger to his wife Medea, to relay this message, that he would marry Glauce. But when Medea learned what he had in mind, she became very angry, and pledged an oath to avenge herself of such a wrong. Therefore she adopted this plan. She prepared a garment which was woven with great skill and dyed with various colors; she soaked this with a certain deadly poison, the strength of which was such that if anyone should put on this garment, their body would burn as though it were on fire. Having done this, she sent the garment to Glauce; and she, not suspecting any wrong, gladly accepted the gift; and as is the custom with women, put on the new garment at once.

Latin text


  1. Erat autem Creonti — (sum + dative = possession) Creon had
  2. iure iurandum — by an oath
  3. ulturam — (future infinitive) will be avenged
  4. nihil mali — (partitive genitive) nothing bad

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