Medea Kills her Sons

Glauce had hardly put on the garment when she felt a great pain throughout her entire body, and after a little while, afflicted with a cruel torture, she passed away. When these things had been accomplished, Medea, driven into a mad rage, killed her own children; then, having judged herself to be in great danger if she remained in Thessaly, she decided to flee the region. Having decided this, she prayed that the sun would supply help to her in such danger. The sun, having been moved by these prayers, sent a chariot to which were joined dragons equipped with wings. Medea, having judged that such an opportunity should not be let go, climbed into the chariot, and so, having been carried through the air unharmed, reached the city of Athens. Jason himself, after a short while, was killed in such an amazing way. It happened, whether by chance or divine plans, that under the shadow of his ship, which had been moored on the shore, he was sleeping. Soon the ship, which until now had stood upright, having suddenly collapsed onto that place where Jason was lying, crushed the unfortunate man.

Latin text


  1. his precibus commotus — by these prayers having been moved
  2. prex, precis — prayer
  3. sive … sive — either … or; whether … or

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