Gathering of the Rivers

Metamorphoses 1.573-581

Haec domus, haec sedes, haec sunt penetralia magni
amnis; in his residens facto de cautibus antro,
undis iura dabat nymphisque colentibus undas.
Conveniunt illuc popularia flumina primum,
nescia, gratentur consolenturne parentem,
populifer Sperchios et inrequietus Enipeus
Apidanusque senex lenisque Amphrysos et Aeas,
moxque amnes alii, qui, qua tulit impetus illos,
in mare deducunt fessas erroribus undas.

This is the house, these are the seats, these the retreats of the great river; residing in these places in a cave made from rocks, he gave laws to the waves and to the nymphs inhabiting the waves. The many rivers first gathered to that place, not knowing whether they should congratulate or console their parent, the poplar-bearing Sperchios, and the restless Enipeus, and the old Apidanus, and the gentle Amphrysos, and Aeas, and soon the other rivers, who, by what way the current has brought them, lead their waves wearied by wanderings into the sea.


  1. domus, domus — house
  2. sedes, sedis — seat
  3. amnis, amnis — river
  4. cautes, cautis — a rough, pointed rock
  5. antrum, antri — cave
  6. flumen, fluminis — river
  7. illuc — there
  8. gratentur — congratulate (present subjunctive deponent)
  9. consolentur — console (present subjunctive deponent)
  10. populifer, era, erum — poplar-bearing
  11. inrequietus, a, um — restless
  12. senex  m, f (neuter senis) — old
  13. lenis m, f (neuter lene) — gentle
  14. qua — (adverb) by what way, where
  15. fessus, a, um — fatigued
  16. error, erroris — wandering

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