Inachus Mourns for Io

Metamorphoses 1.582—586

Inachus unus abest imoque reconditus antro
fletibus auget aquas natamque miserrimus Io
luget ut amissam. Nescit, vitane fruatur,
an sit apud manes; sed quam non invenit usquam.
esse putat nusquam atque animo peiora veretur.

Inachus alone is absent, hidden deep within a cave, increasing the waters with his tears and, most miserable, lamenting his daughter Io as lost. He does not know whether she enjoys life or is among the shades; but as he has not found her anywhere, he thinks her to be nowhere, and dreads worse things in his mind.


  1. unus — alone
  2. augeo, augere — to increase
  3. lugeo, lugere — to mourn
  4. fruor, frui (deponent) — to enjoy
  5. manes, manium — shades
  6. quam (adverb) — as
  7. usquam/nusquam (adverbs) — anywhere/nowhere
  8. puto, putare — to think
  9. peior (comparative of malus) — worse
  10. vereor, vereri — to fear, dread

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