Jove Rapes Io

Metamorphoses 1.596—599

Iam pascua Lernae
consitaque arboribus Lyrcea reliquerat arva,
cum deus inducta latas caligine terras
occuluit tenuitque fugam rapuitque pudorem.

Already she had left behind the pastures of Lerna, and the Lyrcean fields planted with trees, when the god covered the wide fields with a fog that he introduced, and seized her in flight, and ravished her chastity.


  1. pascuus, a, um — of or for pasture, grazing
  2. arvum, arvi — field, dry land
  3. caligo, caliginis — fog, mist, vapor
  4. occulo, occulere, occului, occultum — cover, hide, conceal
  5. pudor, pudoris — chastity


  1. pascua (adjective) is used substantively
  2. consita = past participle (“planted”)
  3. Lerna — A region in Greece. Famous for having a gate to the Underworld and the Lernean Hydra as its gatekeeper.
  4. Lyrcea — a plain where Io was born
  5. inducta caligine = ablative absolute



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