Jove Pleads with Io

Metamorphoses 1.591-596

“dum calet et medio sol est altissimus orbe.
Quodsi sola times latebras intrare ferarum,
praeside tuta deo nemorum secreta subibis,
nec de plebe deo, sed qui caelestia magna
sceptra manu teneo, sed qui vaga fulmina mitto.
Ne fuge me!”—fugiebat enim.

“while it is hot and the sun is at its highest in the middle of the sky. But if you fear to enter the dens of wild beasts alone,  you shall enter the recesses of the groves safe with a god as your protector, and not a common god, but I who hold the celestial scepter in my mighty hand, and I who send the roaming thunderbolts. Do not flee me!”—for she fled.


  1. caleo, calere — to be warm or hot, glow
  2. latebra, ae — den, lair, hiding place
  3. ferus, a, um — wild
  4. praeses, praesidis — guard, protector
  5. subeo, subire — enter
  6. fulmen, fulminis — lightning, thunderbolt

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