Jove Sees Io

Metamorphoses 1.587-590

Viderat a patrio redeuntem Iuppiter illam
flumine et “o virgo Iove digna tuoque beatum
nescio quem factura toro, pete” dixerat “umbras
altorum nemorum” (et nemorum monstraverat umbras),

Jove had seen the girl returning from her father’s river and said, “O virgin worthy of immortal Jove, about to make happy on your bed I know not whom, seek the shade of these tall woods”—and he pointed out the shade of the woods—


  1. patrius, a, um — father’s, fatherly
  2. redeuntem (pres. participle of redeo) — returning
  3. virgo, virginis — virgin
  4. beatum, beati — happiness, blessedness, good fortune
  5. umbra, umbrae — a shade, shadow
  6. peto, petere — seek

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