Juno looks for Jove

Metamorphoses 1.601-606

Interea medios Iuno despexit in Argos
et noctis faciem nebulas fecisse volucres
sub nitido mirata die, non fluminis illas
esse, nec umenti sensit tellure remitti;
atque suus coniunx ubi sit circumspicit, ut quae
deprensi totiens iam nosset furta mariti.

In the meantime, Juno looked down on the midst of Argos and, amazed the floating clouds had made the appearance of night during the shining day, she perceived that they were not of the river, nor sent back by the humid earth; and she looks around where her husband may be, as one who already knew the wiles of her husband so often detected.


  1. medius — middle, half, midst (of)
  2. umens (pres. participle) — wet, humid
  3. sentio, sentire — to perceive
  4. tellus, telluris — earth, ground
  5. coniunx, coniugis — spouse, husband, wife
  6. deprensus, a, um (participle)— caught, discovered
  7. maritus, mariti — husband
  8. nosco, noscere, novi, notum — to know, be acquainted with


  1. The phrase suus coniunx means “her husband” even though it takes the masculine. This is because adjectives agree with the nouns they modify.

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