Articles du Monde:

  1. Liban : Saad Hariri reçu à l’Elysée remercie Emmanuel Macron et veut s’exprimer à Beyrouth

Passages de la Vulgate:

  1. Les mages visitent le Messie
  2. Jean le Baptiste prépare le chemin
  3. Le baptême de Jésus
  4. Jesus is Tested in the Wilderness
  5. Jesus Calls his First Disciples
  6. The Beatitudes
  7. Parable of the Friend at Night
  8. Lord’s Prayer
  9. Parable of the Good Samaritan
  10. Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican
  11. The Word of the Cross
  12. A Prophet without Honor

Passages du Nouveau Testament:

  1. Beatitudes
  2. Lord’s Prayer
  3. Love is patient, love is kind
  4. The Greatest Commandment

Le Livre de Jean:

  1. In the beginning was the Word
  2. John is questioned
  3. John testifies about Jesus
  4. “We have found the Messiah”
  5. Jesus calls Philip and Nathaniel
  6. The wedding at Cana
  7. Jesus cleanses the temple
  8. Passover feast
  9. Jesus teaches Nicodemus (pt. 1)
  10. Jesus teaches Nicodemus (pt. 2)
  11. John testifies again about Jesus
  12. Jesus and the Woman of Samaria

Jules César, De Bello Gallico:

  1. Book I Chapter I
  2. Book I Chapter II
  3. Book I Chapter III

Ovide, Les métamorphoses

  1. Invocatio, I.1-4
  2. Peneus River, I.568-572
  3. Gathering of the Rivers, I.573-581
  4. Inachus Mourns for Io, I.582-586
  5. Jove Sees Io, I.587-590
  6. Jove Pleads with Io, I.591-596
  7. Joves Rapes Io, I.596-600
  8. Juno Looks for Jove, I.601-606
  9. Juno Asks about the Heifer, I.607-614
  10. Jove Gives Up Io, I.615-621



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